Spain - Barcelona

In hindsight, we traveled to Spain to begin what is sure to be a lifelong love affair with the country.  Even before we left, a second trip was being written with a growing itinerary of cities to visit and tables to eat at. 

My recent dive back into black and white has inspired a renewed and discerning relationship to shape, color and light, which came alive in the streets of Barcelona and the cities that followed.

Sensitive to the slight transformations of similar scenes happening around me, I found moments that signified place rather than "Spain". The images below  are not sights to visit, but an act of wandering with awareness. Someone visiting Barcelona will most likely experience something akin, yet under circumstances completely their own . 


Continuing below are a series of images I made more spontaneously on my Fuji X100T. I love moving between the two cameras, with the Fuji allowing me to shoot comfortably in intimate spaces and create images in a more discrete and diaristic way.